Multi‐Directional Organosuperelastic Crystal Made by Versatile Ferroelastical Reshaping

T. Sasaki, S. Sakamoto, Y. Takasaki, S. Takamizawa*

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. XX(XX), accepted (2020).

Supporting Movies

Twinning Organosuperelasticity of a Fluorinated Cyclophane Single Crystal

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Supporting Movies

Shape Rememorization of an Organosuperelastic Crystal via Superelasticity‐Ferroelasticity Interconversion

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Supporting Movies

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Highlighted in Nature Communications


Supporting Movies

Versatile ferroelastic deformability in an organic single crystal by twinning about a molecular zone axis

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(Very Important Paper, Cover)


Supporting Movies

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[10.1098/rsos.171146] (SI)

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